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The International Institute for Brain Science Education (International Institute for Brain Science Education) was founded on September 1, 1986, headquartered in Glendale, Los Angeles, USA. It is an International educational and research institution dedicated to the research and promotion of Brain Science Education around the world. Purpose: Spread the unity of virtue and conduct, promote scientific use of brain; Advocating nature and realizing world harmony.

International education brain science research institute is specialized is engaged in the human brain science and education related to the new type of scientific research institutions of scientific research, the main work is the study of brain science education system, based on to conform to the goal of human education, quality education and elite education, vocational education, social practice to complete and achieve the common goal of human ideal, make people in the world and their own understanding, on the basis of knowledge, faith, diligence, happiness, happy life.

The International Institute for Brain Science Education is committed to disseminating advanced and scientific educational concepts around the world through international education research, establishing branches and cooperative units around the world, and sharing high-quality educational resources with people around the world.

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