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International education professional skills appraisal center
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The international education professional talent skill appraisal center was established with the approval of the international brain science education research institute. At present, it has the functions of talent recommendation, talent training, talent evaluation, intelligence development, achievement transfer, release of talent information, and evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

The responsibility of the International Education Professionals Skilled Assessment Center is to carry out all related vocational skills assessment, senior teacher assessment, high skilled personnel assessment and professional qualification unified examination; To be responsible for issuing professional qualification certificates; To guide the business of vocational skill appraisal institutions at all levels; Participate in the formulation of policies relating to vocational skills assessment; Manage the assessors; Participate in various skills competitions.

International education of professional skill appraisal center is to promote the reform of vocational talents evaluation system, improve the circulation industry professional skills talents evaluation system, improve their vocational skills talents evaluation technical guidance and service ability, all education institutions in the agglomeration integration would resources, unified management professional skill talent evaluation in the industry. Centering on the strategic principle of rejuvenating the country through science and education and strengthening the country through talent, the appraisal center will continue to explore and innovate, steadily promote reform, based on the new economy, with the Internet + thinking and the latest intelligent technology; Based on sharing, innovation, practical training talents; Focusing on promoting development, we will cultivate innovative talents needed by the new economy and the industrial Internet, and make positive contributions to the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the world.

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