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Human visual nerve and photoreceptor cell research center
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The Center for Human Optic Nerve and Photoreceptor Cells is one of the most important research institutions of the National Institute for Brain Science Education. Its main research direction is how to avoid the damage of human optic nerve and photoreceptor cells and how to repair them through scientific and technological means.

As a type of scientific research institutions, with its excellent professional work environment, relying on the national institute of neurology education resource advantages, together a large number of outstanding experts and academic leaders from related fields both at home and abroad, forming a solid scientific research and education of professional power, set up the visual nerve, human cells, education and training in areas such as professional team, to ensure the related professional services in the field of professional ability, can to the patient and medical institutions, rehabilitation institutions, education institutions provide scientific research in the field of related professional services, professional training, technical support, quality management and collaborative scientific and technical support services.

Human visual nerve and photoreceptor cells research center by integrating all aspects of the professional resources at home and abroad, committed to the construction of an open, can promote the development of multidisciplinary cross, cooperation and integration of applied research and service platform, through the professional cooperation, for rehabilitation institutions, medical institutions and health management organizations, education institutions to provide professional services, professional and technical support resources organization management and quality management services.

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