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A new direction | brain science research center and the famous brand vision maintenance of children of "ai" cooperation agreement
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On January 12, 2020, the Brain Wave Science Research Center of the International Institute of Brain Science Education and Aizhi Youth, the vision conservation brand of AmiLightyear, officially signed a cooperation agreement on the application of brainwave science and technology in the research and development of scientific eye care products. The cooperation of this project, It is another new attempt and breakthrough in the field of human brain science and education science.

The brain science research center is a high-tech research and development team supervised by the president Mr. Huang Minglie personally. The team members are the world's top brainwave scientific research talents. The team research direction is the physical influence of brainwave science on human brain and eyes. In many experiments, team researchers found that: Scientific reasoning out of several brain waves are in different degree, have a positive impact on the human body, while different wavelengths have different performance proved that alpha alpha, for example, when it through the form of audio in 8 and 12 hz appeared many times, is conducive to the optimal band the secretion of endorphins in the brain, this one phase frequency to establish the mind imagine space more quickly. And gamma gamma brain wave is the performance of the stimulation and stimulation of human visual neurons, especially gamma brain wave to 7.83 Hz repeated case, is the best band to improve the function of the optic nerve. These results indicate that the unique sound frequency band can not only stimulate the secretion of endorphins in the brain, but also activate the neurons in the visual cortex, which is helpful to improve the bad life state.

After the team informed the dean of the research results, President Huang gave up all his work and decided to apply for the patent of the research results and set up the project of the product. After repeated consideration by President Huang and the R&D team, the patented audio was determined to be used in the research and development of scientific and technological products for vision prevention and control, which is widely concerned in the world. Hold the study results, our hospital with the "spread one virtue, and promote the scientific mind" principle, in the numerous vision curing brand after investigation and communication, more bullish on the ai of youth culture connotation and the future development of the brand, for the product technology research and development and applications, also have the same idea and vision.

After more than ten months of creative research and development, the first brainwave technology product -- AI intelligent eye massager was launched at the beginning of this year. The product is based on my hospital research and development of brain wave science and technology, through the activation of brain neurons and visual sound therapy, in the development of children's brain intelligence at the same time can effectively improve the function of the optic nerve is more intelligent black technology products.

And the young, as the first batch of our vision industry partners paid during the period of financial resources and manpower also makes the hospital by the therefore, dean huang on behalf of the international brain education institute special award of children of ai for brain science research center at the international brain research strategic partnership ", to both sides in the future cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, For the next close and in-depth cooperation to lay a good foundation.

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