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The 7th World Ophthalmology Competition Asia and Australia A
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The 7th World Ophthalmology Competition Asia and Australia Annual Conference in 2022

◆ Meeting time: February 17, 2022, solstice, 19

◆ Location: Bangkok, Thailand

◆ Brief introduction: The 7th Annual Conference of Ophthalmology: Cophy AA 2022 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on February 17, 2022, solstice, 19. COPHY ASA is dedicated to evidence-based debate and discussion among conference facilitators, speakers and audience members, all of whom will examine and analyse the most relevant and controversial issues in ophthalmology that will be addressed in 2020 and 2021. The educational conference will focus on the retina, but will discuss controversies in other related fields of ophthalmology, including neuroophthalmology, ophthalmology imaging, and uveitis. Meeting topics including diseases of the retina surgical and medical treatment, including with age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, fertile diabetic retinopathy, polypoid choroid vascular lesions, retinal vein occlusion, abnormal pathological myopia and vitreous retinal interface, as well as the progress of the ophthalmic imaging, inherited retinal disease, surgical innovation, family care, and in these cases deep learning (artificial intelligence), and so on. The World Conference of Ophthalmology (COPHY) has been successfully held in several European countries. Since its launch in 2010, COPHY has become a unique educational conference where doctors can meet with leading experts from the world's leading fields of ophthalmology and introduce participants to the most pressing clinical and technical issues of the day. Cophy is the only annual conference that focuses mainly on controversial issues. Without the permission of this site, do not copy or reprint any content of the mirror site - International Institute of Brain Science Education official website.

◆ Attendees: doctors, directors/deputy directors of hospital departments, residents, hospital administrators, medical staff, scientists, researchers and representatives of pharmaceutical enterprises in this field.

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