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Practice and Research on the Effectiveness of English Readin
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Topic: Practice and Research on the Effectiveness of Junior Middle School English Reading Teaching

"Reading is first and foremost for pleasure, for information." It can be seen that reading is not only for learning grammar and vocabulary, but more importantly for acquiring new knowledge, improving cognitive level, and enhancing the ability to analyze and solve problems. On this point, it coincides with the purpose of language learning. The more important point of reading is that it can cultivate the sentiment of readers, promote the perfection of readers' personality, and promote the construction of students' values and outlook on life. It can be said that in the modern information society, everyone is growing up in reading, reading in the growth. For a long time, English reading teaching in English teaching occupies an important position, whether in the teaching, or in the English test, it has considerable weight, but for a long time, as the phenomenon of reading and reading nots allow to ignore, there are a lot of blindness in the reading teaching, or, even before the current part of the English reading teaching is extensive, The lack of reading comprehension as an important learning mode of more careful, in-depth excavation and exploration.

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