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Research achievements of the eleventh five-year plan exhibit
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♦ In September 2006, we applied to the Chinese Education Association for the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" research projects, which were "whole brain education and Wei Shusheng education innovation", "quality education and scientific examination research", "whole brain potential development and rapid memory ability cultivation", and set up a research group;

♦ In October 2007, we held a mid-term briefing on the "11th Five-Year Plan" research projects with the expert group members, and published the research results of "Whole Brain Education Theory and Practice", "Whole Brain Education and Whole Person Education";

♦ In June 2010, after five years of research, the three major projects were successfully concluded.

In 2006, the institute undertook three national scientific research projects of the 11th Five-Year Plan (including "Quality Education and Science Examination Research", "Whole Brain Education and Wei Shusheng Education Reform", "Whole Brain Potential Development and Rapid Memory Ability Training"). After several years of research and practice, has achieved fruitful results, and in more than 80 primary and secondary schools in the subject practice and sub-subject research, tens of thousands of students benefit from it, "whole brain potential development (Hainan) summer camp" has become a national well-known brand. On academic at the same time, we have published a number of research monograph of higher value, including the "whole brain education theory and practice", "whole brain education and whole person education", "the storm" of memory, the universal structure composition, the super memory and whole brain potential development, dialysis for the college entrance examination, entrance examination for secondary school or college network architecture diagrams, the youth scene training, the learning and general English fast memory series of training courses, etc.

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