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Save, learn to develop, learn to get along with people.

The popular definition of family education in our country is three education, namely the way of living, the way of being, and the way of learning. "3M" for short. Namely: "the way of living" to life and health as the core, by the physiological health (health), mental health (happiness), safety and adaptation (safety) and other three aspects;

The Tao of Humanity takes the value of life as the core, and is composed of three aspects: the role of life (the essence), the personal life (the aspiration), and the cultivation of life (the intercourse). "The Way of Learning" takes life wisdom as the core and consists of three aspects: learning quality (learning), comprehensive accomplishment (element) and independent expertise (special).

3M Family Education Atlas is designed based on the Three Ways of Life Development Education Theory. The three-way education theory provides a basic basis for the education of minors, especially for the development of family education, so that parents can carry out related education activities for their children in a scientific and orderly manner in accordance with the content and standards of the three-way education. The three educational theories provide a good basis for solving the lack of operational standards in family education and provide a comprehensive and systematic academic basis and framework for family education theories. The three-way life development education theory was put forward by Zhao Yuyu, a youth education expert in China, in 2008. He also pointed out that family education, in a broad sense, refers to activities that promote family construction and development in an all-round way, while in a narrow sense, refers to all activities that promote the growth of life quality between 1-18 years old, that is, the value-added of life individuals.

III. Importance

Family is the basic cell of society and the first school of life. No matter the age how much change, no matter what life pattern change much, we must attach importance to family construction, pay attention to family, pay attention to family education, pay attention to family trait, together cultivate and carry forward the socialist core values, carry forward the Chinese nation traditional family virtues, promote family harmony, promote family members love each other, promote the healthy growth of the next generation, to promote the old old time, thousands of families become national development, national progress, an important basis of social harmony.

-- Remarks by President Xi Jinping at the 2015 Spring Festival Group Meeting (Excerpt)

Family education, school education and social education are called the three pillars of education. Family education used to be the dominant resource of Chinese culture. Filial piety culture and gentleman culture are the positive results of Chinese family education. In the transitional period of contemporary China, the values of adults have undergone great changes, and the pillar of family education is collapsing. Among them, the values that used to be centered on morality have been destroyed, and the emphasis on intelligence over morality has become the general trend of family education, causing serious problems that need urgent attention. Lead to the lack of parental education or loss of position. Therefore, a new and appropriate family education should emerge as The Times require. General Secretary Xi Jinping's discourse on family in his speech at the 2015 Spring Festival Group Visiting Meeting clarified the important role of family construction and family education in the development of the country, national progress and social harmony.

The problem of family education has been concerned by people since ancient times, but it has been studied as a kind of discipline in China, which is the matter in recent years. This is the development of The Times, the demand for talent, the overall quality of the people must be involved in the problem. Here we discuss the importance of family education with parents, aiming to make families, society and education departments jointly shoulder the task of educating the next generation. The person's education is a system of education project, here with family education, social education, collective TuoYouYuanSuo, school education, three interrelated and organically unifies in together, mutual influence, interaction, mutual constraints, the education project which is impossible to leave, but in the system engineering, family education is the foundation of all education. Therefore, it is very necessary for parents to understand the importance of family education.

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