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Education industry
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The educational industry, the industrial nature of education is the objective feature of the material attribute of education. It means that education, as an industry, can improve labor productivity and promote economic development in the long run. Through educational investment, it can stimulate the economic growth of education and promote the function and characteristics of the development of education. In economics, the basic elements of industrial characteristics include market demand, industrial capital, industrial products, product quality, cost accounting, social and economic benefits, and law of value.

The reason why education industry can be called an industry is that education has the basic characteristics of industrial elements:

1. There is a competitive market demand for education.

2. It is an industry asset exclusive to education.

Education is a special material product.

4. It is an exclusive quality brand of education.

Education has an independent economic operation mechanism.

Is the development of education must follow the law of market value.

In addition to the above industrial characteristics, education also focuses on the production process of relevant tangible products and intangible products such as cultural spirit, which can obtain social and economic benefits. Education is an industry that produces knowledge, science and technology, and human capital. The industry attribute of education, in the final analysis, is the market economy attribute of education. What is industrialization? The theoretical definition of industrialization refers to the serialized and brand-oriented operation and organization form of an industry under the condition of market economy, with the industry demand as the orientation, with the goal of realizing benefits (including social and economic benefits), and relying on professional services and quality management. It is a scale management mechanism formed under the domination of market economy law.

The basic characteristics of industrialization: 1. 2, is the industry advantage; 3. Scale operation; 4. Professional division of labor; 5. Cooperate with related industries; 6, is the "leading" drive, supporting services; 7. Market operation.

The formation of education industrialization mechanism in the new period is the objective demand and inevitable trend of social and economic development to a certain stage, is a kind of market economy operation structure arising from application, and is an important sign of market development tending to be mature.

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