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The cultural industry
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Cultural industry, the term came into being at the beginning of the 20th century. It first appeared in Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectics of Enlightenment. Its English name is Culture Industry, which can be translated as Culture Industry or Culture Industry. As a special cultural form and economic form, cultural industry affects people's understanding of the essence of cultural industry. Different countries have different understandings of cultural industry from different perspectives. The definition of cultural industry by UNESCO is as follows: cultural industry is a series of activities that produce, reproduce, store and distribute cultural products and services according to industrial standards. It is defined from the perspective of industrial standardized production, circulation, distribution and consumption of cultural products.

Cultural industry takes the production and provision of spiritual products as its main activity and aims at meeting people's cultural needs. It refers to the creation and sales of cultural significance itself, which in a narrow sense includes literary and artistic creation, music creation, photography, dance, industrial design and architectural design.

General Secretary Hu Jintao said in his important speech on July 1 that "advanced socialist culture is the ideological and spiritual banner of Marxist political parties. In the face of today's culture is more and more become an important factor in comprehensive national strength competition of the new situation, we must start with a high cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, to improve the national quality and noble personality, promote reform and development of culture, with greater strength in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics for cultural creation, let people share cultural development outcomes." Through careful study and profound understanding, people have said that we should continue to accelerate the pace of "two leads", comprehensively enhance the cultural soft power, cultural competitiveness and cultural sustainable development capacity, and strive to write a new chapter of great cultural development and prosperity.

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