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The whole brain education
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The whole brain education is the whole person education, the overall quality education. The whole brain education includes the education of brain recognition, brain development, brain protection (including scientific brain use) and brain nutrition. The emphasis is on whole-person education to develop whole-brain function; Whole brain education is comprehensive quality education, the goal is the development of "whole person"; Whole brain education is comprehensive education, the idea is comprehensive, holographic, harmonious and unified. Whole brain education should be carried out in education and teaching activities, teachers teach a single subject (single item) to educate the whole person; Students learn a single subject (single item) to be the whole person; Examination of individual subjects (single) examination of the whole person; Evaluation of individual department (individual) evaluation of the whole person. Whole brain education should follow four basic rules: unity, adaptation, moderation and timing.

Whole brain education research has lasted for 28 years. After 28 years of scientific practice, we have come to a conclusion that brain science is the scientific basis of quality education, the development of whole brain function is the whole person education, the all-round quality education is to train the all-round development of socialist builders and successors, and is to carry out the Party's education policy in an all-round way. Implement the scientific concept of development in education.

As the world enters the 21st century, people pay more and more attention to the study of brain and education. It has become a consensus that education should be "based on brain, suitable for brain, cultivate brain and develop brain". Professor Qian Xuesen, a great Chinese scientist, said, "The ultimate mechanism of education lies in the thinking process of human brain." Professor Takatai Kawashima from Japan proposed that the essence of education is to educate the human brain. Education is the training of the mind. The human brain is a product of both natural evolution and social environment. The interrelation between human brain and consciousness is the interrelation between matter and spirit. The Marxist unity of matter and spirit finds its answer in the relationship between brain and consciousness. Therefore, the correct educational theory and practice must conform to the law revealed by brain science. Wei Shusheng's education reform lasted more than 20 years, and has been recognized by the Party and the country, and has been enduring, because it conforms to the law revealed by brain science, namely, the development of whole brain function, the whole person education, and the comprehensive

Quality education, namely whole brain education. This is the inevitable trend of the development of education.

So what is whole-brain education?

So-called whole brain education including brain brain, developing brain protection (including scientific brain) and brain nutrition education, its meaning has four: first, the full brain education, not only to develop the whole brain function, carry our education, but also for brain science education of understanding brain, brain protection (including scientific brain) and nutrition, education, of the brain associated with brain science to psychology of thinking science and education; Second, focus on the whole person education of the whole brain function development, so that the left and right brain and limbic system coordinate the development of complementary functions, image thinking and abstract thinking, emotion and intelligence unity; Third, the whole brain education is whole person education, comprehensive quality education and the entire education, three-dimensional education lifelong education, the goal is to "whole person" the harmonious development of the development of intelligence and personality, ideology and moral character and the harmony of intellectual, emotional, attitudes, values, moral, intellectual, physical, beauty, knowledge, such as the harmonious development (not the all-round development, but the overall harmonious development); Fourthly, whole-brain teaching is comprehensive education. In the process of implementing education, natural science and social science thinking science are integrated, and neurophysiology and psychology of brain science, pedagogy of thinking science and subject teaching are unified, so that there are comprehensive subjects and subject synthesis. Pay attention to practice, learn to use unified All subjects are whole-brain education whole-person education, multi-intelligence education, comprehensive education of subjects.

The educational concept of whole brain education is to educate people as the foundation, comprehensive, holographic, harmonious and unified.

Whole brain education should be carried out in educational and teaching activities. As premier wen jiabao at the second session of the 11th National People's Congress, the government work report points out: "quality-oriented education, the education of all types and at all levels must focus on promoting people's all-round development, speed up the curriculum, teaching material, education methods and the evaluation system reform, the primary and middle school students from the heavy schoolwork burden, let the students have more time to think, practice creation". Specifically, all activities are the activities of comprehensive education, and all the thoughts of comprehensive education reside in single education and teaching activities.

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